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Workplace Safety Tips

When we speak of safety based on books, its importance is next to food. It is essential to all individuals including the workers in companies and their respective families as well. The rising number of individuals affected by workplace induced accidents is totally unacceptable. Upon review, such accidents have the potential for risk management but were not totally managed by concerned individuals resulting injury to people. The accident could have been prevented if right management and leadership skills. Strategy includes tactical planning and the utilization of safety hazard tools to prevent further damage in times of calamities.

The seriousness of such injuries created in their workplace impairs the workers to perform task at work creating a heavy financial burden and man power shortage on the side of the company. The company might as well suffer consequences of expensive medical assistance and insurances because there is a corresponding legal implication if they failed to follow the employer-worker’s working contract. Workplace-induced injuries is affecting the entire workforce, making way for the concept of workplace safety to emerge in every company’s written rules.

As a precaution for companies, it is essential that they should provide their workers with personal safety gears, safety tools, workforce apparels and manual in cases of emergency and disaster. Part or portion of their worker’s training should include few hours of emergency and disaster management and appropriate wearing and manipulation or safety gears and equipments. It is essential that workers are always prepared and assessed before they enter their respective departments because nobody can tell when an emergency or a disaster strikes us. The company should enforce and ensure a safety environment for their workers.

As a precaution to workers, they should also take the responsibility to ask for any training and participate on other emergency and disaster management plan because it is for their safety. Their bosses would just come in their company for few hours and they are the one who spends most of the time there.

Big companies have specialized internal division implementing the safety and hazard free standards. They are the one who promulgate rules and reprimand violators of the said rules. The division works hand in hand with other department to share one common goal, and that is workplace safety. We also have external regulating divisions responsible for conducting structured accreditation and quality assurance inspection. They aim to make sure that the public is being protected the moment they enter the company’s establishment and the individuals who work in the company.

In the national level, there is a regulating agency responsible for implementing safety standards and regulation of workplace related injuries either caused by faulty engineering or disaster-induced calamities. They are the one who checks the company’s safety standards and permits big establishments to operate after an actual ocular inspection. They are also implementing the workplace caring campaigns and conducting a random or surprise inspection to establishments who have a report on unsatisfactory workplace security standards.

It is always best to prevent than to deal with the actual damage. It takes time, money and effort cheaper than dealing with cases after a serious damage because of faulty plans. Workplace safety plan is not only for individual workers but also for company owners. And this is not possible without the collaborative approach of the two.

Why an Integrated Workplace Safety and Wellness Program Is Best

Employees are a business’s most valuable asset and keeping them safe and healthy should be a priority for any company. Many businesses have a workplace safety program and a wellness program, but the two programs operate independently of one another – but should they? There are some compelling reasons to integrate the two so that employees can benefit from a more global, holistic approach to staying safe and healthy on the job.

To adequately address health and safety issues, companies need to look not only at whether an employee is performing their job safely but whether they’re healthy and fit enough to do their job without a high risk of injury. Issues like obesity, poor physical fitness and inadequate nutrition make it harder for employees to carry out certain tasks in the workplace.

The link between health and safety

According to research published in the American Journal of Public Health, people who are obese are at higher risk for occupational health issues and injuries. When obese staff are exposed to chemicals on the job, they’re at higher risk for occupational asthma and heart and lung issues compared to a non-obese person. They’re also at greater risk for ergonomic issues and bio-mechanical problems including carpal tunnel syndrome. If companies focus on workplace safety without addressing the obesity issue, the bigger problem remains. A unified approach that integrates occupational safety measures with wellness initiatives that emphasize good nutrition and weight control provides a more effective solution to the problem.

There’s also the issue of back injuries. Back injuries are one of the most common workplace safety issues, and people who are overweight and physically unfit are at higher risk for injuring their back on the job. Most back injuries occur as a result of lifting objects at work and ergonomic issues. Although it’s not possible to prevent all work-related back problems, integrating wellness with safety by emphasizing regular exercise to strengthen muscles in the lower back can reduce back injuries. Integrating workplace safety and wellness offers a more well-rounded approach to preventing back injuries.

What part does wellness play in safety? Wellness programs that focus on stress reduction, smoking cessation and alcohol and drug-related issues are also important for workplace safety. According to a study published in a Canadian publication called The Daily, smokers are at greater risk for being injured at work compared to non-smokers. Among women, the risk was nearly double. Stress does more than just affect employees psychologically – it increases their risk of being injured on the job. Employees who are under stress at home or at work are distracted and less able to focus on doing their job safely. Integrating stress management into a workplace safety program can help reduce the number of injuries and motivate employees to be more productive. Nutrition is another factor that a workplace safety and wellness program should address. Employees who start their day with only a cup of coffee are more prone to blood sugar drops that can lead to workplace injuries. Good nutrition is an integral part of any safety program.

There’s another benefit of merging wellness and workplace safety. Employees are less likely to participate in programs that address workplace hazards than they are wellness programs that focus on personal benefits. Integrating the two makes it more likely that employees will take part.

Workplace Safety Tips – Prevent Serious Injuries Or Death By Following These Tips

hen we talk about workplace safety, it is as much important as the air you breathe in as ignoring it may lead to some serious consequences. Sadly, the inability of organizations to follow workplace safety tips is leading to many work place related accidents nowadays which is quite alarming. It is the duty of the management to make sure that its workers have a safe working environment and the potential of risks is minimized as much as possible. The management should be aware of all the potential injuries or accidents that can be caused to their employees due to the failure of risk management. It requires strategically done tactical planning along with the proper utilization of the safety tools for making sure that none of their workers gets hurt.

Workplace accidents not only result in the injury of the workers but also affect their overall performance on the job. If an organization fails to introduce workplace safety tips within their working environment, then any injury or accident caused to any of the worker may lead to dire consequences. The organization will not only have to pay heavily for the cost of all the medical procedures performed on its worker, but will also have to pay a heavy amount as a part of the insurance of its employees. The organization also gets a bad name.

As a part of workplace safety tips, every organization should provide its workers with all the necessary safety equipment. They should have all the necessary safety gear, tools, workforce apparels and a written manual in case some emergency arises unexpectedly. All workers should be trained about how to use all the necessary safety gear and tools before they start working in their specific departments.

As a worker you should always ask your company to train you regarding any safety programs available in the organization. This is because as a worker you have to spend more time in your office as compared to your boss who might just come only for a few hours daily.

Top-notch organizations always make sure that their workers or any visitors who come to their organizations are safe by following all the workplace safety tips. This is also a factor which sets them apart from all the other organizations.

There is an agency on the national level responsible for regulating and implementing safety standards in workplaces. They regularly inspect or give a surprise visit to organizations for checking the level of workplace safety over there.